Chesapeake Software Systems (CSS) is located in Laurel, Maryland, a suburb of Washington DC. CSS was founded in 1988, and produced one of the first printer drivers for the then-new H/P PaintJet color printer, bringing affordable color printing to the home computer for the first time. Since that time, CSS has always been involved with leading-edge technologies, supplying quality programming and support for diverse applications, from digitizing tablets to laser light shows.

By 1995, the explosive growth of the World Wide Web had produced a rising demand for websites with CGI scripts and custom server programs that showed no sign of slowing. CSS is committed to supporting that need with quality programming and custom website designs.

At the present time, CSS consists of:

Edward Criscuolo
Ed Criscuolo Ed is the founder of CSS, and has over 30 years professional experience designing and implementing software systems for DOD, NASA, and private industry. Ed has extensive experience in over a dozen programming languages and operating systems, including C, C++, Perl, UNIX, and Linux, and is the principal designer of this site.
Joan Criscuolo
Joan Criscuolo Joan has an Art background, and has several year's experience with computer graphic art. In 1996 she took second place in a design art show at PG Community College. Recently, she has been displayed at the Montpelier Arts Center. She presently teaches art at a Montressori school.
Nicholas Criscuolo
Nick Criscuolo Nick has over 6 years of extensive experience in computer graphics, digital film-making, and flash animation, using Macintosh computers. Nick is a graduate of Montserrat College of Art, where he currently teaches a class in flash animation.